About OpenCallsheet

Simply press the app button and OpenCallsheet uses artificial intelligence to find the PDF attachment in your email that looks like a film production call sheet and matches today’s date.

Privacy Policy

OpenCS requires access to an email account that receives the user’s call sheets

The access granted includes the user’s name, email address, and all of the content contained within all emails in this account

OpenCS downloads directly to the user’s device email data for a maximum of one week from the present

At no point is this data or any data derived from it transferred from the user’s device

Use of OpenCS does not violate a user’s typical Non-Disclosure Agreement

OpenCS first starts with a login to the user’s access. After the initial setup, the app button opens directly to the call sheet that has been found for the current day. That call sheet is cached on device and then deleted when the day changes or a replacement is found.

OpenCS works efficiently in accessing and downloading data with the only goal being to find the PDF call sheet for today and for the next upcoming production day. OpenCS stops at the most recent email that meets these requirements:
- The email is less than one week old
- The email subject or body contains “Callsheet” or “Call sheet” (case-insensitive)
- The email contains a PDF attachment
- The PDF contains text commonly found in call sheets (the PDF cannot be a flat image)
- The PDF contains a date that matches the current date

When OpenCS is opened, it continues to check for updated or future call sheets, only looking at emails it has not seen before.

How It Works